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Gun Control Bills

Created by KAB

Who voted on issues of gun law

DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.

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100%Bergquist (Renton), Steve  (term)D
100%Caldier (Port Orchard), Michelle  (term)R
100%Chapman (Port Angeles), Mike  (term)D
100%Chopp (Seattle), Frank  (term)D
100%Clibborn (Mercer Island), Judy  (term)D
100%Cody (West Seattle), Eileen  (term)D
100%Doglio (Olympia), Beth  (term)D
100%Dolan (Olympia), Laurie  (term)D
100%Fey (Tacoma), Jake  (term)D
100%Fitzgibbon (West Seattle), Joe  (term)D
100%Frame (Seattle), Noel  (term)D
100%Goodman (KirkLand), Roger  (term)D
100%Graves (Fall City), Paul  (term)R
100%Gregerson (Des Moines), Mia  (term)D
100%Haler (Richland), Larry  (term)R
100%Hansen (Kitsap), Drew  (term)D
100%Harmsworth (Mill Creek), Mark  (term)R
100%Hudgins (Tukwila), Zack  (term)D
100%Jinkins (Tacoma), Laurie  (term)D
100%Johnson (Yakima), Norm  (term)R
100%Kagi (Lake Forest Park), Ruth  (term)D
100%Kilduff (University Place), Christine  (term)D
100%Kirby (Tacoma), Steve  (term)D
100%Kloba (Bothell), Shelley  (term)D
100%Lovick (Mill Creek), John  (term)D
100%Lytton (Anacortes), Kristine  (term)D
100%Macri (Seattle), Nicole  (term)D
100%McBride (Kirkland), Joan  (term)D
100%Morris (Mt. Vernon), Jeff  (term)D
100%Nealey (Dayton), Terry  (term)R
100%Ormsby (Spokane), Timm  (term)D
100%Ortiz-Self (Mukilteo), Lillian  (term)D
100%Orwall (Des Moines), Tina  (term)D
100%Pellicciotti (Algona), Mike  (term)D
100%Peterson (Edmonds), Strom  (term)D
100%Pettigrew (Seattle), Eric  (term)D
100%Pollet (Seattle), Gerry  (term)D
100%Reeves (Algona), Kristine  (term)D
100%Riccelli (Spokane), Marcus  (term)D
100%Robinson (Everett), June  (term)D
100%Ryu (Shoreline), Cindy  (term)D
100%Santos (Seattle), Sharon Tomiko  (term)D
100%Sawyer (Tacoma), David  (term)D
100%Sells (Everett), Mike  (term)D
100%Senn (East King County), Tana  (term)D
100%Slatter (Kirkland), Vandana  (term)D
100%Springer (Kirkland), Larry  (term)D
100%Stambaugh (Puyallup), Melanie  (term)R
100%Stanford (Bothell), Derek  (term)D
100%Stonier (Vancouver), Monica Jurado  (term)D
100%Sullivan (Covington), Pat  (term)D
100%Tarleton (Seattle), Gael  (term)D
100%Tharinger (Sequim), Steve  (term)D
100%Valdez (Seattle), Javier  (term)D
100%Wylie (Vancouver), Sharon  (term)D
0%Barkis (Olympia), Andrew  (term)R ×
0%Blake (Longview), Brian  (term)D ×
0%Buys (Lynden), Vincent  (term)R ×
0%Chandler (Granger), Bruce  (term)R ×
0%Condotta (East Wenatchee), Cary  (term)R ×
0%DeBolt (Chehalis), Richard  (term)R ×
0%Dent (Moses Lake), Tom  (term)R ×
0%Dye (Pomeroy), Mary  (term)R ×
0%Eslick (Sultan), Carolyn  (term)R ×
0%Griffey (Allyn), Dan  (term)R ×
0%Hargrove (Covington), Mark  (term)R ×
0%Harris (Vancouver), Paul  (term)R ×
0%Hayes (Camano Island), Dave  (term)R ×
0%Holy (Cheney), Jeff  (term)R ×
0%Irwin (Enumclaw), Morgan  (term)R ×
0%Jenkin (Pasco), Bill  (term)R ×
0%Klippert (Kennewick), Brad  (term)R ×
0%Kraft (Vancouver), Vicki  (term)R ×
0%Kretz (Wauconda), Joel  (term)R ×
0%Kristiansen (Snohomish), Dan  (term)R ×
0%MacEwen (Union), Drew  (term)R ×
0%Manweller (Ellensburg), Matt  (term)R ×
0%Maycumber (Republic), Jacquelin  (term)R ×
0%McCabe (Goldendale), Gina R.  (term)R ×
0%McCaslin Jr. (Spokane Valley), Bob  (term)R ×
0%McDonald (Puyallup), Joyce  (term)R ×
0%Muri (Steilacoom), Dick  (term)R ×
0%Orcutt (Kalama), Ed  (term)R ×
0%Pike (Camas), Liz  (term)R ×
0%Rodne (North Bend), Jay  (term)R ×
0%Schmick (Colfax), Joe  (term)R ×
0%Shea (Spokane Valley), Matt  (term)R ×
0%Smith (R-Clinton), Norma  (term)R ×
0%Steele (Chelan), Mike  (term)R ×
0%Stokesbary (Auburn), Drew  (term)R ×
0%Taylor (Moxee), David  (term)R ×
0%Van Werven (Lynden), Luanne  (term)R ×
0%Vick (Camas), Brandon  (term)R ×
0%Volz (Spokane), Mike  (term)R ×
0%Walsh (Aberdeen), Jim  (term)R ×
0%Wilcox (Yelm), J.T.  (term)R ×
0%Young (Gig Harbor), Jesse  (term)R ×

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Column Descriptions

Senate Bill 5992: Concerning trigger modification devices

   • House Roll Call on Jan. 29, 2018.


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DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.