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WashingtonVotes NEWS: Monday, September 24, 2018
2018 WPC Citizens Guide to Ballot Initiatives Now Available

During the 2018 Election, Washington voters will consider a number of statewide and local ballot issues. As part of its Citizens’ Guide series, Washington Policy Center has published independent reports to inform the public about some of the key statewide and local proposals that will be considered in the 2018 election. The Guide can be accessed HERE and provides in-depth information by Washington Policy Center's analysts who specialize in the topics covered by these initiatives.

Most viewed bills

2018 Senate Bill 6269
Strengthening oil transportation safety

  2018 Senate Bill 6617
Concerning records disclosure obligations of the legislative branch

  2018 Senate Bill 5992
Concerning trigger modification devices

  2017 Senate Bill 5444
Concerning enhanced background checks and licensure for assault weapons and large capacity magazines



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