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2018 House Bill 2568: Establishing an on-premises retail alcohol license for a business at which customers participate in an art activity such as painting, pottery, or sculpting
Introduced by Rep. Carolyn Eslick (Sultan) (R) on January 10, 2018
Referred to the House Commerce & Gaming Committee on January 10, 2018
Substitute offered in the House on February 1, 2018
Creates a new form of liquor license, designated as an "art activity license," that may be issued to a qualifying business whose primary purpose is providing art instruction to the public. ? Authorizes a qualifying licensee to provide wine and beer free of charge to customers for on-premises consumption, subject to specified limitations on the amount that may be served to a customer per day. ? Prohibits a licensee from engaging in the retail sale of beer or wine on the licensed premises. ? Establishes a licensing fee of $125 per year.
Referred to the House Rules Committee on February 6, 2018