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2006 Senate Bill 6417: Prohibiting bestiality
  1. Introduced by Sen. Pam Roach (Auburn) (R) on January 12, 2006, to prohibit: sexual conduct or contact with an animal; causing or abetting another in such conduct; knowingly permitting such conduct on property under their control; videotaping such conduct. These violations constitute a Class C felony.
    • Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 12, 2006.
    • Substitute offered to the Senate Judiciary Committee on February 3, 2006, to provide that animal cruelty in the first degree is committed when a person knowingly engages in sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal. It also occurs when a person knowingly causes or aids another person to engage in sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal. A person who knowingly permits such conduct or contact with an animal to occur on premises under his or her control or who knowingly participates as an observer, organizer, promoter, or advertiser of such conduct is also guilty of animal cruelty in the first degree. Animal cruelty in the first degree is a class C felony and is ranked at seriousness level III. In addition to the penalties in statute for a class C felony, the court may order that the convicted person (1) refrain from harboring or owning animals or residing in a household where animals are present; (2) permanently relinquish all animals residing in his or her household to an animal shelter or humane society; (3) participate in appropriate counseling; and (4) reimburse the animal shelter or humane society for costs incurred for the care of any animals relinquished to the shelter or humane society. If the court has reasonable grounds to believe sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal has occurred, it may order the seizure of all animals involved in the violation. An exemption is created for accepted animal husbandry practices or accepted veterinary medical practices by a licensed veterinarian or certified veterinary technician. Sexual conduct and sexual contact are defined in the legislation. The bill as referred to committee was not considered.
    • The substitute passed by voice vote in the Senate on February 11, 2006.
  2. Passed 36 to 0 in the Senate on February 11, 2006, to prohibit sexual activity with an animal.
    Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"

  3. Received in the House on February 13, 2006.
    • Referred to the House Criminal Justice & Corrections Committee on February 13, 2006.
  4. Passed 98 to 0 in the House on March 1, 2006, to prohibit sexual activity with an animal.
    Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"

  5. Signed by Gov. Christine Gregoire on March 24, 2006, to prohibit sexual activity with an animal.


Re: Knee-Jerk Hypocritical Lawmaking  by maskedzoo on September 22, 2009 

i am a zoophile and i will represent the charges against me.

people often look to the short term when deciding a problem. you don't have to deal with it, so you cease to care. only when you think about a condition and its implications do you finally come to terms with understanding what it means. people often say someone is evil or disgusting without the opportunity to meet such a person face to face. funny how we stopped hating the germans and japanese when we occupied their countries to stabilize economies and smooth the peace process.

it's all a matter of cultural familiarity and as long as no one can know a zoophile in real life as they have the opportunity to know a homosexual or acknowledge the insights of the gay culture that t.v. provides, this entire argument is pointless.

i am apparently your unkown bogeyman and as long you fear what i am to such an extent that you restrict how i choose to live my life, then any words i choose to use are void, for no one will listen except for entertainment purposes.

however, it is important that you understand two things-bestiality is not an isolated incident; there are thousands-maybe millions-on forums you would never visit, and they talk about everything from health tips for their beloved partner, to mundane everyday things you are all accustomed to like music and movies. this is not a secluded little niche of scizophrenic hillbillies, but an entire chunk of normality going on under your noses with their own brand of culture-just like gays.

they use acronyms like: HLITG; horse loving is the game.

and the sad fact is that when a bill like this comes up, they cannot lobby for their rights like any other invested minority before them because people will take that opportunity to hunt and kill and destroy each of them that comes up to speak.


Re: Knee-Jerk Hypocritical Lawmaking  by JavaJive on July 10, 2009 

 Are you an atheist, as well as a "zoophile"?  It seems that persons engaging in aberrant behaviors, usually have the strongest arguments "for" the behavior.  Hmmm...It's a blessing that their are heterosexuals in the world to appreciate for procreation, last time I checked, neither homosexuals, nor horses could birth you.  Ugh!

Re: 2006 Senate Bill 6417 (Prohibiting bestiality)  by Windfeather Blackmane on December 27, 2008 

I would just like to point out that this bill is in direct violation of seperation of Church and state Gov. Gregoir and her cronies are basically playing God and passing moralistic laws based on their own biases. They are forcing their ideals down other peoples throats an picking and choosing which things are and are not morally right based their own judgement. Let me point out no man or woman is God therefore their judgement is null and void in this instance. They will allow child murder, soddomy, and rights for same sex couples, pornography, etc... But they choose to make this one act a felony based on their own bias. People God will not tolerate a hipocrit. It is made very plain in the bible. So if you are passing morral judgement you better make sure all things considered a sin in Gods eyes carry the same punishment. You also need to understand that their are two classes of animal lovers. Zoophiles and beastophiles. Zoophiles love their animals and spoil them and seek an mutual loving relationship with their pet partner, they do not abuse or force themselves on them. The beastophile on the other hand tends to be abusive and cruel to the animal and does not care how they treat it. They will restrain it, torture it, neglect it etc..  You are being unfair when you throw everyone into a large basket so to speak.  Contrary to poular beileif animals in their own way can and do give consent to intimate acts. Point in fact their have been cases where an animal have initiated the contact.

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