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WashingtonVotes NEWS: Monday, October 24, 2016
WPC Citizens' Guides to the ballot initiatives released!

Ballots are being mailed this week and Washington voters will consider a number of statewide and local ballot issues. As part of our Citizens' Guide series, we have published independent reports to inform the public about some of the key statewide and local proposals that will be considered in the 2016 election on Tuesday, November 8th.

The guide can be accessed at

The issues are:

  1. Overview of Initiative 735, to call on Congress to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling
  2. Overview of Initiative 1491, to ban possession of a firearm by certain persons at the request of family members, household members or police
  3. Citizens’ Guide to Initiative 1464, to direct taxpayer funding to private political campaigns
    1. A two-page summary of I-1464
  4. Citizens' Guide to Initiative 1433, to increase the state minimum wage and to require paid sick leave
    1. A two-page summary of I-1433
  5. Citizens' Guide to Seattle’s Initiative 124, imposing restrictive new wage, workload and hiring regulations on hotel employers in Seattle
    1. A two-page summary of I-124
  6. Citizens' Guide to Initiative 1501, to change the state’s public records act to further the special interests of organized labor
    1. A two-page summary of I-1501
  7. Citizens' Guide to Spokane Transit Authority’s Proposition One, to increase the local sales tax rate to nearly 9.0% to expand transit services and build a once-rejected $72 million Central City Line
    1. A two-page summary of STA Prop. One
  8. Citizens' Guide to Sound Transit 3, to increase sales, property and motor-vehicle excise taxes for expansion of regional light rail
    1. A two-page summary of ST3
  9. ST3 Spends $100 For 11 Cents of Carbon Reduction (at best)


Most viewed bills

2016 Senate Joint Resolution 8210
Amending the Constitution to advance the date for completion of the redistricting plan

  2016 Senate Bill 6328
Providing for regulation of vapor products

  2015 Senate Bill 5623
Modifying the operation of motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic

  2015 House Bill 1420
Concerning school siting and school district aid in reducing overall school construction costs



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