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2008 House Bill 2423: Concerning the composting and recycling of certain food service packaging
  1. Introduced by Rep. Maralyn Chase (Shoreline) (D) on January 14, 2008, mandates that a take-out food provider by July 1, 2010 provide single service food packaging that is compostable or recyclable. In addition, this bill would eliminate the a take-out food providers ability for providing single service packaging unless it met a standard of twenty-five percent recycling recovering on their containers.
    • Referred to the House Select Committee on Environmental Health on January 14, 2008.


Re: 2008 House Bill 2423 (Concerning the composting and recycling of certain food service packaging)  by joshsamson on February 29, 2012 
This is great, it was about time for this to happen, setting some norms for the business owners will most certainly have an effect on the other categories of the population. I first read about the bill on this DC junk removal resource, they always keep our community informed on related matters, I'm definitely grateful for that.

Re: 2008 House Bill 2423 (Concerning the composting and recycling of certain food service packaging)  by addie on November 17, 2011 

If you ask me I think we need more specific laws of this kind in order to set a recycling movement. A lot of people prefer the ignorance, we all know that so we need the law to save the day. In our community we were lucky to have junk removal Claremont getting involved in rewarding people for their recycling efforts, the strategy works in case anyone wonders.

Toxic chemicals  by Anonymous on March 20, 2008 
Geoff, you must be a complete idiot. How did you even find this website? Consider the fact that your burger was probably wrapped up in a lovely chemical (PFOS, PFOA). Gee, what about the trees that die for the sake of your burger wrapper? What about the fact that McDonald's only recycles less than 30% of it's waste when over 93% of it is recyclable?

We have a fast food packaging problem on our hands. We've unfortunately become reliant on an industry that we've made extremely wealthy, yet they haven't exactly had our best interests at heart, have they?

"FDA scientists have noted that food packaging represents the worst case scenario for PFCs to migrate into food. In one FDA study packaging released several hundred times more PFCs than cookware coated with substances like Teflon (PFOA is used in the making of Teflon).

Recent studies have demonstrated the presence of PFOS and PFOA in more than 98 per cent of US citizens' blood and 100 percent of 293 newborns surveyed.

The bill says that PFOA is considered by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be a likely carcinogen and is considered to be a chemical that induces breast tumours in animals. Also, PFOA ad PFOS have been linked to impaired growth of babies in the womb."

We need federal laws. Pronto! No fast food restaurant is going to do the right thing and dip into their profits unless they are forced to do so.

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