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2006 Senate Bill 6142: Prohibiting the use of bicycles with baby carriers on roadways
  1. Introduced by Sen. Jim Honeyford (Sunnyside) (R) on December 7, 2005, to prohibit a person from operating a bicycle attached to an occupied baby carrier on a street or other roadway, unless the bicycle is operated within a city or town that prohibits the operation of bicycles on the sidewalk adjacent to the street or other roadway.
    • Referred to the Senate Transportation Committee on January 9, 2006.


It's gotta be a big problem  by Anonymous on February 25, 2006 
Don't we read about bikes with babies on the back getting hit every day? No? I don't think I've heard of it at all...well, why wait 'til we have a problem? Because we need less control from our government, not more, that's why!

What's the point of this?  by Anonymous on February 23, 2006 
Where did this come from? I'd like to hear some intelligent comment about the reasoning..... how about introducing some legislation that really add to our bicycle/pedestrian programs in local cities...surely this is wrong.

Waste of time, money and resources  by Anonymous on January 24, 2006 
What about people that use these "baby carriers" for things other than transporting children? We are vastly becoming the "Nanny" State!

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