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2014 House Bill 2797: Funding all-day kindergarten and early elementary class size reduction facility needs with lottery revenues
  1. Introduced by Rep. Hans Dunshee (Snohomish) (D) on February 26, 2014, For Bill Information, please click HERE.   Full Text and Analysis.
    • Referred to the House Capital Budget Committee on February 26, 2014.
      • Amendment offered by Rep. Hans Dunshee (Snohomish) (D) on March 4, 2014, makes technical clarification to the description of Official Print - 13 2797 AMH DUNS H4481.2 pledged revenues and the process for making debt service payments. Requires the State Finance Committee and the Office of Financial Management to conduct an objective analysis to determine the most appropriate financing structure for the lottery revenue bonds by December 1, 2014. Provides a new definition of "portable facility" that aligns with the most recent proposed definition in rules of the State Building Code Council.
        1. The amendment passed by voice vote in the House on March 4, 2014.
    1. Passed 90 to 7 in the House on March 4, 2014.
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  2. Received in the Senate on March 6, 2014.
    • Referred to the Senate Ways & Means Committee on March 6, 2014.