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2013 Senate Bill 5737: Banning the sale of assault weapons
  1. Introduced by Sen. Ed Murray (Seattle) (D) on February 13, 2013, provides that no person in this state shall manufacture, possess, purchase, sell, or otherwise transfer any assault weapon, or any assault weapon conversion kit. This act defines assault weapons as semi-automatic or pump action rifles and pistols which can accept a detachable magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, and features any of the following: a pistol grip, folding or thumbhole stock, barrel shroud, muzzle brake, or protruding forward grip. As defined, “assault weapon” also includes any semiautomatic with a fixed magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds, any firearm with a threaded barrel, shotguns with detachable magazines or revolving cylinders, and assault weapon conversion kits. Assault weapons legally owned when the bill is enacted must be safely stored and may be inspected by the sheriff once a year.
    • Referred to the Senate Law & Justice Committee on February 13, 2013.


Re: 2013 Senate Bill 5737 (Banning the sale of assault weapons)  by Lainie59 on April 20, 2013 
This bill is simply another introduced to restrict our Constitutional right to own firearms and increase government control over us.

Re: 2013 Senate Bill 5737 (Banning the sale of assault weapons)  by Qetzlcoatl on April 4, 2013 

This bill is nonsense squared (Nonsense2).  The criminals, as always, will skate and will have Mini-guns if they want them.  Only those who obey the laws are oppressed by this, and eventually disarmed and rendered helpless before the armed criminals and madmen.  Laws like this are made to be ignored and "enforced" as vigorously as the Dimocrats enforce laws they don't like.  I hope there still exist agents of government who realize that this country has an unrepealed Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Re: 2013 Senate Bill 5737 (Banning the sale of assault weapons)  by M_DragonKnight on March 7, 2013 

 And what about those scofflaws that buy them in other areas and bring them across the state line (or maybe I shouldn't have said anything).

One wonders how expanding the definition of assault weapon from one that can go fully automatic to "scarey" looking will help prevent the bad guys from obtaining firearms and using them in violence.

One wonders how long it will be before the state of WA decides all handguns are bad and makes them all illegal...

One wonders if this is the best the state of King can do and begins to understand why the state budget is so messed up....


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