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2012 Senate Bill 6136: Concerning the regional management of mammalian apex predators
  1. Introduced by Sen. Bob Morton, (R - Kettle Falls) (R) on January 12, 2012, modifies current law regarding the listing of mammalian apex predators as endangered under the State’s Endangered Species Act. This act requires the Fish and Wildlife Commission to suspend any management plan for a mammalian apex predator if that species is not also federally listed for protection, or if the federal management plan does not also include the entirety of the region deemed necessary for protection under the State’s management plan. Examples of mammalian apex predators include brown bears, gray wolves and coyotes. (Companion Bill: HB 2214).
    • Referred to the Senate Energy, Natural Resources, & Marine Waters Committee on January 12, 2012.


Re: 2012 Senate Bill 6136 (Concerning the regional management of mammalian apex predators)  by jagjudge on January 13, 2012 


So typical of Republicans.  Attack all regulations they do not like by trying to prevent the agency (or commission) responsible for managing the subject matter from being able to act at all.  At the federal level the right-wingers are attempting the same trick with the EPA and other agencies.  Hopefully Democrats and reasonable, rational Republicans will see through this shell game and not allow this piece of cow dung legislation to make it out of committee.  

You righties always whine the same old song - Agencies (such as DFW) have too much power and the exercise of that power in a way that you righties don't like always "stifles the economy and hurts business," etc.  Let's be honest, you righties won't be happy until the Endangered Species Act has been repealed, and this legislation is your attempt to chip away at the authority of the state to protect any species, endangered or otherwise, that the state decides is in need of protection.  You would give landowners (and hunters) priority consideration to do whatever they want if you just happened to not agree with protecting an animal that you assert has no economic value.  Accordingly, you denigrate the state's protection of an endangered rat.  Your ilk would not bat an eyelash at the extinction of any species of animal that you consider to be economically worthless.  Fortunately for the society at large you righties do not get to insist upon "market" analysis for every issue facing our society.  Some things are just too important to leave to the monied interests to exploit, use and abuse at their whim.  Protecting our wildlife from the ravages of free market forces (or from the insatiable blood lust of a few hunters) is one such compelling interest. 

2012 Senate Bill 6136 (Concerning the regional management of mammalian apex predators)  by admin on January 13, 2012 
Introduced in the Senate on January 12, 2012

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