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2004 House Bill 3111
  1. Introduced by Rep. Maralyn Chase (Shoreline) (D) on January 28, 2004, to direct the secretary of health to develop and distribute a pamphlet or other educational material that emphasizes the benefits and importance of couples limiting themselves to two or fewer children to promote population sustainability.
    • Referred to the House Health Care Committee on January 28, 2004, but the bill did not receive a hearing by the cutoff date so it is a “dead bill” and will not be considered further.


I'm so sorry.  by Anonymous on October 12, 2005 
Reading all of the comments assure me that there is so much anger and unhappiness in our world. No wonder we are doomed. On another note, I agree with educating "people" about population sustainability. If you want to have 5 kids have two or three of your own and then adopt!! The orphanages are full of kids that would love to have a mommy and a daddy!! Be kind and have hope.

Ironic  by Anonymous on February 17, 2005 
Australia is experiencing birthrates it can't possibly hope to sustain, and you're complaining about someone proposing that people be thoughtful and responsible about reproduction? Your roots as a dumping ground for European offal are showing.

Australian Citizen  by Anonymous on February 17, 2005 
At the end of the day, contraception and selfishness are the cause. Here we have leftist, Unionst, Academic, Feminist and Student organisations promoting contraception and abortion. When will it be when they wake to themselves and realise that we are screwing ourselves? How pieces do they have to be chopped in to? How many sledge hammers have to be hit on their heads? WHEN WILL THEY FUCKING WAKE UP?

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